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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1126-1150

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Episode 1126
Network Ten: 29/01/1990
BBC: 12/03/1991
UK Gold: 24/02/1997

Bronwyn makes a shocking announcement.

Episode 1127
Network Ten: 30/01/1990
BBC: 13/03/1991
UK Gold: 25/02/1997

Matt's plan to reunite Todd and Melissa backfires.

Episode 1128
Network Ten: 31/01/1990
BBC: 14/03/1991
UK Gold: 26/02/1997

Kerry's plans for the future meet with disapproval from Joe and Toby.

Episode 1129
Network Ten: 01/02/1990
BBC: 15/03/1991
UK Gold: 27/02/1997

Joe gets the shock of his life. Harold has labour problems at the coffee shop.

Episode 1130
Network Ten: 02/02/1990
BBC: 18/03/1991
UK Gold: 28/02/1997

Joe has his collar felt by the long arm of the law.

Episode 1131
Network Ten: 05/02/1990
BBC: 19/03/1991
UK Gold: 03/03/1997

Paul is taken aback to discover the reason for Caroline and Christina's deception.

Episode 1132
Network Ten: 06/02/1990
BBC: 20/03/1991
UK Gold: 04/03/1997

Todd is upset when his birthday party ends in more than a few tears.

Episode 1133
Network Ten: 07/02/1990
BBC: 21/03/1991
UK Gold: 05/03/1997

Des has trouble juggling the demands of his job with looking after baby Jamie.

Episode 1134
Network Ten: 08/02/1990
BBC: 22/03/1991
UK Gold: 06/03/1997

Sharon is victimised by her classmates.

Episode 1135
Network Ten: 09/02/1990
BBC: 25/03/1991
UK Gold: 07/03/1997

Mark discovers his father isn't the hero he always thought him to be.

Episode 1136
Network Ten: 12/02/1990
BBC: 26/03/1991
UK Gold: 10/03/1997

Jim and Beverly celebrate their anniversary, and Kerry is shocked when she hears Paul's plans for the playground.

Episode 1137
Network Ten: 13/02/1990
BBC: 27/03/1991
UK Gold: 11/03/1997

Jim and Beverly's relationship worsens, while Melanie unexpectedly finds romance.

Episode 1138
Network Ten: 14/02/1990
BBC: 28/03/1991
UK Gold: 12/03/1997

Mr Muir proposes to Hilary and Paul makes it abundantly clear that Melanie's job is in jeopardy.

Episode 1139
Network Ten: 15/02/1990
BBC: 29/03/1991
UK Gold: 13/03/1997

Caroline and Christina learn that their stalker has been captured by the police.

Episode 1140
Network Ten: 16/02/1990
BBC: 01/04/1991
UK Gold: 14/03/1997

Hilary and Mr Muir call off their engagement following a row.

Episode 1141
Network Ten: 19/02/1990
BBC: 02/04/1991
UK Gold: 17/03/1997

Toby has to make a difficult decision - whether to stay with his mother or father.

Episode 1142
Network Ten: 20/02/1990
BBC: 03/04/1991
UK Gold: 18/03/1997

Young Toby reaches an important decision.

Episode 1143
Network Ten: 21/02/1990
BBC: 04/04/1991
UK Gold: 19/03/1997

Helen moves out after deciding she can't stand Jim and Beverly's constant bickering.

Episode 1144
Network Ten: 22/02/1990
BBC: 05/04/1991
UK Gold: 20/03/1997

Christina decides to stay in Erinsborough.

Episode 1145
Network Ten: 23/02/1990
BBC: 08/04/1991
UK Gold: 21/03/1997

Paul threatens Kerry with legal action and Josh begins to feel left out.

Episode 1146
Network Ten: 26/02/1990
BBC: 09/04/1991
UK Gold: 24/03/1997

Jim and Beverly sort out their differences, while Harold and Madge meet an eccentric English aristocrat.

Guest appearence of Derek Nimmo

Episode 1147
Network Ten: 27/02/1990
BBC: 10/04/1991
UK Gold: 25/03/1997

Paul's ambitious plans for the nightclub are jeopardised.

Episode 1148
Network Ten: 28/02/1990
BBC: 11/04/1991
UK Gold: 26/03/1997

Paul has a change of heart over the playground - or is he simply trying to cover up another dastardly plan?

Episode 1149
Network Ten: 01/03/1990
BBC: 12/04/1991
UK Gold: 27/03/1997

Melanie receives another strange message on her answering machine.

Episode 1150
Network Ten: 02/03/1990
BBC: 15/04/1991
UK Gold: 28/03/1997

Melanie finally discovers the identity of her secret admirer.
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