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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1426-1450

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Episode 1426
Network Ten: 06/05/1991
BBC: 06/05/1992
UK Gold: 20/04/1998

Paul makes sure Christina's 'cravings' are satisfied. Jim has a proposition for Doug and Pam which would solve all their problems, meanwhile, Cody has a proposition of her own for Todd. Harold's scouting trip will be thwarted unless he can find someone to take over the Coffee Shop.

Episode 1427
Network Ten: 07/05/1991
BBC: 07/05/1992
UK Gold: 21/04/1998

Doug and Pam's problems are finally over. Christina hopes that she'll fall pregnant soon. Todd and Cody prepare for their first time - but the events are interrupted. Adam gets the wrong end of the stick when he thinks Caroline wants a baby. Dorothy stays shut-off from the outside world.

Episode 1428
Network Ten: 08/05/1991
BBC: 08/05/1992
UK Gold: 22/04/1998

Paul is extremely pleased when Rosemary reveals the findings of her inspection. Bouncer is taken away when he is suspected of biting someone. Jim consoles Dorothy.

Episode 1429
Network Ten: 09/05/1991
BBC: 11/05/1992
UK Gold: 23/04/1998

Joe and Melanie find the real savage dog and Bouncer is released. Lucy is upset over Glen and Gemma's relationship.

Episode 1430
Network Ten: 10/05/1991
BBC: 12/05/1992
UK Gold: 24/04/1998

Lucy takes out her jealousy on Gemma. Josh is tricked into giving details about Helen's fall which could lose her the case against the cheap hotel. Joe and Doug make an alarming discovery in Dorothy's garden - but should they keep it to themselves?

Episode 1431
Network Ten: 13/05/1991
BBC: 13/05/1992
UK Gold: 27/04/1998

Melanie accidentally lets Dorothy know about the money that Joe and Doug found in her garden. Helen finds out that Josh will be testifying against her, but it's not Helen who is angry about it.

Episode 1432
Network Ten: 14/05/1991
BBC: 14/05/1992
UK Gold: 28/04/1998

Joe poses as Melanie's date. Rosemary leaves to go back to America. Christina finally gets pregnant. Dorothy faces the long arm of the law.

Episode 1433
Network Ten: 15/05/1991
BBC: 15/05/1992
UK Gold: 29/04/1998

Dorothy concocts a plan to get Josh to go back to the Robinson house - he will move in with her and she will make sure life isn't easy for him. Cody worries about her night with Todd.

Episode 1434
Network Ten: 16/05/1991
BBC: 18/05/1992
UK Gold: 30/04/1998

Pam crams for her exam. Cody tries to make up with Todd, but to no avail. Lucy tells Gemma that Glen is using her and has someone else.

Episode 1435
Network Ten: 17/05/1991
BBC: 19/05/1992
UK Gold: 01/05/1998

The man from the insurance company spies on Helen. Gemma and Glen come near to breaking up when he is reluctant to answer her questions about another woman.

Episode 1436
Network Ten: 20/05/1991
BBC: 20/05/1992
UK Gold: 04/05/1998

Paul lets Helen know his true feelings about Glen. Helen decides to settle her case out-of-court. Toby tries his hand at match-making, but things don't go as planned for Joe.

Episode 1437
Network Ten: 21/05/1991
BBC: 21/05/1992
UK Gold: 05/05/1998

Josh gets his own back on Dorothy, thanks to Madge. Doug makes plans for Cody's love life. Glen and Lucy call a truce.

Episode 1438
Network Ten: 22/05/1991
BBC: 22/05/1992
UK Gold: 06/05/1998

Madge and Dorothy prove that they can get on well if they want to. Gemma is attacked by one of the animals that she looks after. Pam fails her medical tests.

Episode 1439
Network Ten: 23/05/1991
BBC: 25/05/1992
UK Gold: 07/05/1998

Madge continues to hide from Paul at the Coffee Shop. Pam gets some good news in the mail - she didn't fail after all. Melanie saves Joe from a con-artist.

Episode 1440
Network Ten: 24/05/1991
BBC: 26/05/1992
UK Gold: 08/05/1998

Joe and Toby ostracise Melanie. Pam helps Dorothy out when she finds a lump in her breast - might it be something serious? Paul is very confident about the deal with the Henson Corporation - that is until he hears the big catch…

Episode 1441
Network Ten: 27/05/1991
BBC: 27/05/1992
UK Gold: 11/05/1998

Paul signs the deal with Henson. Madge loses her job. Dorothy goes into hospital and prepares for her biopsy.

Episode 1442
Network Ten: 28/05/1991
BBC: 28/05/1992
UK Gold: 12/05/1998

Dorothy's operation is a success, but is she suffering from any emotional scars? Madge gives Doug some home truths. Melanie's grandfather leaves her a couple of things in his will - but could a stamp really be that valuable?

Episode 1443
Network Ten: 29/05/1991
BBC: 29/05/1992
UK Gold: 13/05/1998

Jim returns to the Robinson house. Joe bribes Ben into giving the stamp back, but it's value isn't quite what he was expecting. Paul is furious when Jim changes his will in favour of Glen.

Episode 1444
Network Ten: 30/05/1991
BBC: 01/06/1992
UK Gold: 14/05/1998

When Paul sacks Glen, the Robinson family think that it is just sour grapes. Is Darren Wood everything that he seems?

Episode 1445
Network Ten: 31/05/1991
BBC: 02/06/1992
UK Gold: 15/05/1998

Gemma thinks she is in love. Harold rings Madge with some horrific news about the scouting trip. Cody pushes Darren too far - literally.

Episode 1446
Network Ten: 03/06/1991
BBC: 03/06/1992
UK Gold: 18/05/1998

Harold returns from his trip a broken man. Melanie and Madge edit Joe's letter to the dating column - without letting him know.

Episode 1447
Network Ten: 04/06/1991
BBC: 04/06/1992
UK Gold: 19/05/1998

Cody gets the ultimate revenge on Darren. Harold loses his faith.

Episode 1448
Network Ten: 05/06/1991
BBC: 05/06/1992
UK Gold: 20/05/1998

Harold's attitude continues to worry Madge. Joe and Bouncer's performance at the school goes better than expected. Paul finds out that Henson has been taking him for a ride - but he's not going down without a fight.

Episode 1449
Network Ten: 06/06/1991
BBC: 08/06/1992
UK Gold: 21/05/1998

Paul puts Henson in his place. Lucy fakes illness so that she can spend the weekend with Glen. The Willis' and the Robinson's go on a trip to the guest house, but it all ends in an argument over Todd and Cody.

Episode 1450
Network Ten: 07/06/1991
BBC: 09/06/1992
UK Gold: 22/05/1998

After Glen drops Gemma, he and Lucy decide to make love for the first time - a visit from Paul is the last thing they expect…

Note: Incest storyline censored by the BBC.

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