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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1451-1475

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Episode 1451
Network Ten: 10/06/1991
UK Gold: 25/05/1998

Joe and Melanie try their luck with the singles column. Paul blows his top at Glen and Lucy and threatens to tell Jim, so they decide to come clean to Helen - however, their attempts to halt Paul are futile…

Note: Incest storyline censored by the BBC - remaining portions merged with other episodes.

Episode 1452
Network Ten: 11/06/1991
UK Gold: 26/05/1998

Jim punches Glen in front of everyone at Lassiters, but when things cool down they are able to talk. Joe meets 'Miss 29' but things don't go smoothly. Paul disowns his family.

Note: Incest storyline censored by the BBC - remaining portions merged with other episodes.

Episode 1453
Network Ten: 12/06/1991
UK Gold: 27/05/1998

Helen meets Michael Daniels. Joe and Melanie wonder how valuable her grandfather's antique chair is. Harold's new personality causes problems. Todd is heading for a fall.

Note: Incest storyline censored by the BBC - remaining portions merged with other episodes.

Episode 1454
Network Ten: 13/06/1991
BBC: 10/06/1992
UK Gold: 28/05/1998

Cody ignores Todd's pleas for help, but when she hears that he has sprained his wrist her conscience is tweaked. Adam gives Caroline the cold shoulder after his kiss with Gemma. Paul's car is stolen after Christina leaves the keys inside.

Note: Episodes combined for BBC broadcast

Episode 1455
Network Ten: 14/06/1991
BBC: 11/06/1992
UK Gold: 29/05/1998

Doug and Pam prepare for Faye's visit - but it's no easy task. Paul's nastiness upsets Christina. Harold has an emotional visit from Tim's parents which helps him to solve his problems.

Episode 1456
Network Ten: 17/06/1991
BBC: 12/06/1992
UK Gold: 01/06/1998

As Dorothy returns from the hospital, Paul and Caroline take Christina in - will the baby be okay? Doug and Pam celebrate their anniversary.

Episode 1457
Network Ten: 18/06/1991
BBC: 15/06/1992
UK Gold: 02/06/1998

Christina and Paul worry about the baby, but in the end the news is good. Todd and Cody do very well in their exam - but is Todd's mark all that it seems? Harold plays the good neighbour.

Episode 1458
Network Ten: 19/06/1991
BBC: 16/06/1992
UK Gold: 03/06/1998

Helen and Josh try to make Dorothy see that she has made a mistake. Melanie's date isn't quite what she expected - although she is oblivious to the fact that their personalities - and laugh - are very similar. Lucy confronts Gemma about Glen.

Episode 1459
Network Ten: 20/06/1991
BBC: 17/06/1992
UK Gold: 04/06/1998

Paul worries about the equipment that is missing from the building site - could the culprit really be Glen? Harold realises that he should forgive and forget where Joe is concerned. Gemma and Lucy make their peace.

Episode 1460
Network Ten: 21/06/1991
BBC: 18/06/1992
UK Gold: 05/06/1998

Written by Wayne Doyle
Directed by Wayne Doyle
Guest stars include
Michael Daniels: Brian Blain

Is Doug really the building site thief? Melanie's chances with the singles column are literally torn to shreds. Adam breaks up with Caroline. Joe and Melanie find a dead body lying in the road.

Episode 1461
Network Ten: 24/06/1991
BBC: 19/06/1992
UK Gold: 08/06/1998

Written by Margot Knight
Directed by Philip East

Melanie lets slip to the police that Joe wasn't watching the road when the dead woman came into view. Doug catches Ralph out at the building site.

Episode 1462
Network Ten: 25/06/1991
BBC: 22/06/1992
UK Gold: 09/06/1998

Written by Ian Coughlan
Directed by Philip East

Paul guarantees that Glen's birthday ends on a sour note. Gemma and Adam rekindle their flame.

Episode 1463
Network Ten: 26/06/1991
BBC: 23/06/1992
UK Gold: 10/06/1998

Josh buys Lucy some expensive diamond earrings - but where did he get the money from? After being attacked form all sides, Paul decides to turn over a new leaf.

Episode 1464
Network Ten: 27/06/1991
BBC: 24/06/1992
UK Gold: 11/06/1998

Josh's birthday looks like it'll be a bleak occasion while Helen and Michael's day out ends up looking decidedly bright.

Episode 1465
Network Ten: 28/06/1991
BBC: 25/06/1992
UK Gold: 12/06/1998

Joe is cleared of all charges, however his problems are not over yet. Harold is very pleased when Toby reveals what his project was actually about.

Episode 1466
Network Ten: 01/07/1991
BBC: 26/06/1992
UK Gold: 15/06/1998

Joe starts receiving threatening messages as a result of the accident. Pam and Adam come up with an amusing way to deal with Doug's snoring, however Doug fails to see the funny side. Josh gets a new part time job... as a stripogram!

Episode 1467
Network Ten: 02/07/1991
BBC: 29/06/1992
UK Gold: 16/06/1998

Josh asks Melanie for advice on his on his new career path. Doug eventually forgives Pam for humiliating him and they settle their differences, while Harold is shocked to find that Gemma spent the night at the Willis House. Dorothy jumps to the wrong conclusion when she thinks Josh had hacked into the school's computer and she suspends him from school.

Episode 1468
Network Ten: 03/07/1991
BBC: 30/06/1992
UK Gold: 17/06/1998

Helen attempts to make peace between Jim and Paul. Lucy admits that she was the one who altered her school report and is suspended, however Dorothy is forced to rethink the punishment when she finds out that Lucy is actually happy to be excluded. Paul is being driven insane by his mother-in-law's constant interference at home, but he is stunned when Margaret reveals the reason she is spending so much time with the twins.

Episode 1469
Network Ten: 04/07/1991
BBC: 01/07/1992
UK Gold: 18/06/1998

Paul takes steps to try to save Frank and Margaret's marriage. Harold's slide night is less than successful, and Joe continues to be terrorised in his own home. Jim and Dorothy decide to rage at Erinsborough's newest nightclub, while Todd is caught on the hop.

Episode 1470
Network Ten: 05/07/1991
BBC: 02/07/1992
UK Gold: 19/06/1998

Jim bans Todd and Cody from seeing each other after finding out they went clubbing against his orders, however Glen persuades him to drop the punishment after discovering Jim wasn't so innocent either. Joe calls a meeting with the man threatening him in an effort to halt the terror campaign from escalating.

Episode 1471
Network Ten: 08/07/1991
BBC: 03/07/1992
UK Gold: 22/06/1998

Joe, Doug and Melanie plan a meeting between Joe and the man who has been tormenting him over Angela's death. Paul hears bad news about his car, although he perks up when he remembers that he can claim the insurance money.

Episode 1472
Network Ten: 09/07/1991
BBC: 06/07/1992
UK Gold: 23/06/1998

Jim worries that Glen and Lucy are hiding something from him. Doug frets about Pam's friendship with a doctor at the hospital. Michael proposes to Helen.

Episode 1473
Network Ten: 10/07/1991
BBC: 07/07/1992
UK Gold: 24/06/1998

Cody applies for a place on the student exchange program without telling Todd. Doug gets his sweet revenge. Jim encourages Helen to accept Michael's proposal.

Episode 1474
Network Ten: 11/07/1991
BBC: 08/07/1992
UK Gold: 25/06/1998

After an argument with Todd, Cody ponders over her decision to go to America. Despite being warned not to, Gemma continues her campaign against Lassiters and the circus - although Gemma isn't the only problem that Lassiters has.

Episode 1475
Network Ten: 12/07/1991
BBC: 09/07/1992
UK Gold: 26/06/1998

Madge and Dorothy compete for the use of the Robinson Ping-Pong table. Helen's meal to introduce Michael to the family is ruined when Paul forgets to turn up.
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